Whats new for December 2017

New December Workout Additions! At Team Afterburn, we are constantly striving to keep the routines fun and fresh by adding new exercises each month! Some of them will be altogether new to our members, while a few will be twists on some of our old favorites! Adding new exercises allows us to add to our extensive library of workout options which means not only do we keep things unique and fresh, but we are able to maximize our workout potential instead of getting caught up in the same thing month in and month out! Let’s take a look at the newest addition for December: 1.) Dumbbell Front Raise/Side Hold  Another grueling exercise that will test the limits of your entire body! While holding a dumbbell straight out to the side, you will lift a second dumbbell forward and upward from your waist area out in front of your chest. Both sides of the body will be burning after this one! Traditionally this will be done with a staggered stance, however if you would like to include a squat as well, the legs will get their fun in as well! 2.) Single Arm Rubber Band Front Fly Hold This exercise might not appear to be difficult at first glance, however maintaining proper form and holding it throughout the set is a daunting task! In a forward facing position, you will bring one band up from behind you and hold your arm out in front of you with your palm facing upward. The tension this will cause in your chest and even a number of December Workout Game Plan For the month of December our muscle group pairings will be chest/back and legs/shoulders. By switching up the muscle group pairings from month to month, we allow ourselves to avoid complacency and plateauing, hence why the first week of each month leaves us so sore! We also place an emphasis on conditioning ourselves to utilize the same amount of weight under longer periods of tension, which will result in quicker we will see our overall ability to increase weight from month to month! We will increase the amount of time spent on each muscle group to 3 consecutive stations per group for two of our resistance workouts during the month, and additionally you will spend 3 straight rounds on one station as well!  secondary muscles will start to become intense as the seconds tick away!

Weight loss is a primary goal of many people who make the commitment to working out and eating right. What many of those same people don’t realize is that despite all of their hard work, drinking alcohol is often slowing or even countering the process altogether!




Weight loss comes down to the simple concept of burning more calories than you consume, and reducing alcohol consumption will significantly reduce your caloric intake. Cutting back on alcohol can also have a number of other benefits, ranging from a better night’s sleep to just an overall improved outlook and feeling.


Alcohol’s Impact on Weight


What people don’t realize is that alcohol is a higher source of calories than most of the other things we consume, including protein, carbs, and fat. You might have also heard the term “empty calories.” A pint of beer can be as caloric as a large slice of pizza, while a large glass of wine might equate to an ice cream cone, so the calories can start to add up while providing no nutritional value.


Cutting the booze could mean cutting the pounds


Alcohol tends to be present in situations that create an environment for unhealthy food. Cutting back on drinking makes it easier to focus on your healthy foods, which we know will help us shed those unwanted pounds.


There are other ways that drinking less leads to weight loss as well. Exercise is clearly a key element of weight loss, and when we drink we typically do not work out. Alcohol also leads to dehydration which means your body cant control is internal temperatures very well, often leading to overheating.


Making a change to your body requires a change to your lifestyle which typically takes commitment and commitment is much easier when we aren’t dealing with a foggy head!


Is it time for you to cut back on the alcohol?


If you are already making the commitment to change your diet and exercise, don’t waste all of those efforts by consuming too much alcohol! Just like with food, alcohol can have substitutes too on a night out. Also, we tend to confuse hunger with thirst, so drinking more water can help fill us up and not leave us wanting more bad food or alcohol! Even something as simple as switching from a high calorie beer to a low calorie beer could have a big impact.


At Team Afterburn, we will help keep you accountable for things like your alcohol intake, along with your entire diet and your workout routine! Nobody said this was easy but we are here to make it as easy as possible and help you every step of the way! Check out our 6-week, no commitment trial package at www.teamafterburn.com/6-weeks-trial-membership/ and also find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/teamafterburn.