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One of the main reasons people fail to reach goals in life is due to a lack of support! Having a feeling that we are doing the right thing, moving in the right direction, and making the right decisions empowers us to keep moving towards our goals. At Team Afterburn, we recognize the importance of having a strong support system around you in more ways than one. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways in which Team Afterburn encourages and helps develop a strong support system for its members:


  • Coaches – Our Nationally Certified coaches make it a priority to engage with our members in more ways than just in the gym. At Team Afterburn its more like a family than anything else. We enjoy learning about our members and getting involved in their lives, inside and outside of the gym. When we have that kind of relationship with our members, it makes our members feel welcome and actually want to come to the gym! It also puts us in a position to reach out via email, text, phone, or even facebook to provide encouraging words or even to check up on members if they miss a class!
  • Reassessments – Our members are also held accountable through monthly reassessments in which we measure progress and discuss diet, nutrition, life outside of the gym, and many more things including new goals!
  • Other Members – At Team Afterburn part of the support system you’ll have is the other members in the gym. You will make friends, develop accountability partners, and build an overall supportive atmosphere both for you and for others like you!

At Team Afterburn, the workout is only of your tools for success! Accountability and a support system are major components to reaching the goals you’ve set! Come in and check us out and take advantage of our 6-week, no commitment trial package for just $75 at and also follow us on Facebook at for more tips and member success stories!

Today we wrap up our 3-part series on expectations when you first begin a fitness routine.  So far we’ve talked about the ups and the downs you will encounter throughout your first 45 and 90 days. The uphill climb can seem daunting at first, but with the right people surrounding you, both in and out of the gym, the journey is much easier and more fun! Your coaches in the gym are here to support you, but you will also meet other members who will provide support and accountability for you as well!



Now you’ve reached the 180 day mark and are no longer a newbie! You are practically a gym rat at this point! Six months into your health and fitness journey, you have developed a routine and a lifestyle! A healthy lifestyle that will benefit you for years and years to come! At this point it’s time to start reshaping your goals, challenging yourself in new ways, and working to better yourself with that same commitment and dedication when you first came to Team Afterburn!


One thing you will notice when you reach this stage of your program is that you are now one of those members who is providing support, encouragement, and accountability to other new members who are just beginning their journey! You know where they’ve been, what they are going through, and how to show them the ropes! You’ll also notice that soreness is no longer something you dread, but something that validates the hard work you have been putting in! You now know that your body is capable of doing so much more than you thought it was and that you truly can keep challenging yourself to be the person you want to be!


Let Team Afterburn join you in this journey to the level of health and fitness you desire! We are here for you every step of the way and you will truly feel like family at Team Afterburn! Check out our 6-week, no commitment trial package for just $75 at Also check us our on Facebook for more videos and member success stories at

Last week, we discussed expectations during your first 45 days in a new fitness program. There is the soreness, the awkwardness of being around new people, and the overall intimidation of starting a new journey that you don’t know much about! Luckily, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and your hard work and commitment will pay off as you stick with the program and trust the process! After the first 45 days, your next 45 days will be an awesome experience! By the time you get to 90 days, you will be a whole new, better, improved version of yourself!


gym expectations


As we make it past that first 45-day milestone and set our sights on that 90-day mark, we have a fresh outlook on our new routine. Your body doesn’t get sore like it used to, struggling to find the time to fit in the gym isn’t really much of a struggle at all anymore, and working on those diet habits has become a regular part of the routine as well! The best part? You are seeing results! Sure, you will see great results in your first 45 days as well, but as we approach that 90-day mark, you will be feeling better than you have in a long time and looking the part as well! You will also have had plenty of time to forge new friendships, truly feel part of the Afterburn family, and maybe even convinced a friend or two to join you! At the 90-day mark, you are now officially someone who “works out!” Congrats!


Setting milestones and having realistic goals is a major component to being successful in a workout program. At Team Afterburn we like to help you not only set those milestones but make sure you reach them as well! Feeling like the journey is never ending and that there is no light at the end of the tunnel can be daunting. Hat’s why we like to break it into both macro and micro level progressions. In other words, short and long-term goals. Stick around for the final segment in this series: what to expect at 180 days! In the meantime, check us out online at and also on Facebook at

Many people make the switch from regular beverages to diet drinks in hopes that it will lead to weight loss. The problem is that many people wind up letting their minds run wild and believe that the reduction in sugar is permission to eat other bad foods! Further, studies have shown that sweeteners in fact make people even more hungry and crave even more sugar! Let’s take a look at how diet drinks and other food items can be a bit misleading!


diet drinks

Artificial Sweeteners

Yes, these artificial sweeteners can make our drinks taste nice and yummy still, but they can’t rehabilitate a sugar addicted brain that is conditioned to expect a certain level of sugar intake. Diet drinks leave our brain knowing it is unsatisfied and still wanting that sugar fill, so people often tend to find it elsewhere.

Healthy snacks

Like diet drinks, “healthy” snacks can be misleading as well. Organic stickers, whole grains, and lots of other healthy terms are no match for a heaping dose of sugar! Sticking healthy labels or words on a snack does not make it good for you if it is still packed full of sugar! It may have less calories, but if its full of

Low-fat diets

Remember, calories in vs calories out! That should be far more concerning than low fat, especially since there are plenty of good fats that we need! Even low carb is a more important aspect to look at. However, once again, it’s the sugar that gets added into these diets that is the real downer! You’ve probably noticed a pattern, stay away from the sugar!


Aside from the impact it will have on our body due to its contents, sugar also leaves us feeling lethargic and with a lack of energy which can cause us to skip the gym! Exercise and a good diet go hand in hand! Check out Team Afterburn where we can help you with a meal plan and advice on how to kick those sugary addictions and offer alternative suggestions! Check out our 6-week, no commitment trial package for just $75 at and also on Facebook at


If you aren’t a body builder looking to bulk up those muscles, is there any reason to be taking protein? Of course there is! There are a number of reasons that protein is beneficial to anyone in a fitness routine, but if you aren’t familiar with all of the benefits, we’re here to help! Yes, protein does help you build muscle, but it can also help increase the metabolism which can in turn help you lose weight!


protein shakes


Protein shales are great because you are able to increase your protein intake by merely fixing yourself a delicious drink! Of course, before we expect you to just pour powder into the blender, we’ll explain a bit more about what protein is.

How does protein powder help us?

Protein powders can be looked at as basically the best of milk, with the carbs and fats taken out. Therefore, you can increase your protein intake without worrying about other bad additives, which ultimately leads to increased performance, lovely muscle tone and an overall improvement in health.

What kinds of protein are out there?

Well, there are a number of different types of proteins, but let’s take a look at a few of the more popular kinds:

Probably the most well known of the proteins is whey protein. It is very easy to digest and super easy to absorb into the body.

Casein protein is high in glutamine, which is an essential amino acid in the recovery process. It is also slowly digested, which makes it ideal before bed so that it can be absorbed into the body throughout the night.

Soy protein is also a great alternative, particularly for vegetarians and vegans. It contains all of the essential amino acids!

What are you waiting for?

Protein is a great partner in the workout process. It can be taken before a workout, after a workout, and first thing in the morning. It’s easy to digest, easy to absorb, and doesn’t leave us feeling full and unable to give our best. If you still aren’t quite sure, sit down with us and let’s talk it over and come up with a great plan for you! If you haven’t already become part of the Team, check out our 6-week, no commitment trial package for just $75 and we can talk about your health, nutrition, and fitness goals together:

We all know that feeling of working out after a long time off. Ouch! We also know the feeling of joining a new gym and not really knowing anyone. No fun! Add those together and your new gym expectations! No wonder people tend to quit their workout plan before it’s even had a chance to get off the ground! This is why those first 45 days are so crucial and why proper support from your gym family is huge!



Your gym family consist not only of your coaches, but also the people in class who you spend an hour a day with giving everything you have! Relationships cultivated in the gym can be pretty awesome and if you follow our Facebook page, you know they tend to spill over outside of the gym as well!


Let’s tackle that first issue, the soreness! Realistically, there just isn’t any way to avoid it altogether. There are ways to minimize it, though! Let’s think of soreness as a small, introductory hurdle to prove your commitment. Once you get into the swing of things, the soreness tends to go away, or at thee very least be much less severe! In fact, soreness later on down the line will just remind you that you are still working hard and challenging your muscles in new ways!


When we work out, we ultimately build up lactic acid, which can be very painful when it sits on our muscles. We can help spread the lactic acid out and minimize the amount pooling on the muscles by foam rolling and stretching. That is why we end every class by foam rolling! It’s also highly recommended to get a foam roller at home too! We also help with the soreness by not missing days at the gym! Our bodies might be screaming at us to just skip a day, but that’s actually the last thing you want to do! After a hard resistance day, we have cardio days to help increase the blood flow back to the muscles and help with recovery and repair!


When you meet people in the gym who help motivate you and keep you accountable, that also goes a long way in making your gym experience the best it can be! Be vocal, be social, and have a great time!


Your first 45 days in the gym can be a tall task, but you don’t have to do it alone! Let our friendly coaches help guide you through the process and meet some of our amazing members to help with those gym expectations! Check us out with  our introductory, 6-week no commitment trial package for just $75 at In the meantime, check us out on Facebook at and take a look at the success and fun our members are having!


Today is just the first of a 3-part series on short and long term gym expectations at Team Afterburn! Stay tuned next week and the week after for 90-day and 6-month expectations as you continue on in your health and fitness journey to transform your body and change your life!

The holidays don’t have to be full of unhealthy foods! You may be thinking to yourself, “holidays are the time to eat good foods and good foods just happen to be bad!” Well guess what? You’re wrong! There are tons of healthy food alternatives that still allow you to get into the festive spirit, and you can probably even convince some of your friends to hop on the healthy train with you by serving some healthy treats at a holiday party! Here are some alternatives to traditional unhealthy holiday foods!


healthy food


1.) Yogurt Dips!

Instead of going for the traditional full fat dips, go for a yogurt dip! Many dips are based off of full fat sour cream. You can substitute low fat Greek yogurt or even nonfat sour cream in virtually every recipe this holiday season! Think about it: an ounce of sour cream has 60 calories, whereas an ounce of nonfat Greek yogurt has only 15-20!


2.) Cut back on the booze!

Yes, we know this is a tough one to hear! Ok, we will meet in the middle, go for the low calorie alcohols and stay away from the sugary, high calorie mixed drinks! If you can manage, however, staying away from the alcohol altogether is your best bet!


3.) Sweet Potatoes!

Sure, yams are a holiday staple, but why cant sweet potatoes be as well? Roasted sweet potatoes make an excellent healthy food substitute for candied yams!


4.) White meat!

The type of meat you eat will make a huge difference! Go for the healthy food choice, leave the dark behind for someone else!


5.) Rolls!

We all love rolls! You don’t have to skip them, but why not make a wiser choice? Instead of those white, flour rolls, go for the whole wheat rolls instead and make it a healthy food item!


There are many more healthy food alternatives you can consider when making your holiday eating choices. Let us give you some pointers here at Team Afterburn, where we offer meal planning as part of your membership! Visit us online at to learn more about us and our 6-week, no commitment trial package for just $75!