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sore muscles

Why do we get sore muscles?

In order to best treat our sore muscles, we need to fully understand why they get sore to begin with! At Team Afterburn, we stress the importance of covering all elements of a workout, from diet to exercise, to treating sore muscles! If your muscles are sore, it will limit what you can do in the gym and often keep people from coming to class. We often get what is known as delayed onset muscle soreness, which we will start to feel within 12 to 24 hours of a workout and can last up to two days past the workout. We can’t always completely eliminate this, but there are steps we can take to minimize the impact!

1. Stretch

Stretching before and after a workout will help to ensure that our muscles are properly prepared to both work out and recover those sore muscles!

2. Foam roll

If you’ve been to a Team Afterburn class you know we stress the importance of foam rolling at the end of class! We also encourage you to come to class early and foam roll ahead of time as well. When we start to build up lactic acid, it has a tendency to pool up on our muscles when we aren’t active and we get those sore muscles. Help eliminate that by giving yourself a deep tissue massage (self myofascial release) which helps to facilitate disbursing the lactic acid across the muscles and encouraging it not to sit in one area.

3. Treat specific sore muscles

You don’t need to foam roll just the areas you worked that day. A full body roll is always recommended, but when you have any sore spots at all, make them a priority as well!

4. Get nutrition

Your body needs fuel not just for working out, but for recovery as well! Get that nutrition in your body with a shake or a light meal after working out and help speed up the recovery process!

5. Use heat

Heat helps promote circulation and blood flow! The more we can encourage that type of stimulation in the body, the faster our soreness will heal and go away!

6. Continue exercising and moving

Our natural desire will be to sit still when we are sore. That’s the last thing you want to do as it will lead to more soreness! You need to keep moving which essentially promotes more stretching and blood flow! The best thing you can do is to continue coming to class, especially on cardio days which will really promote blood flow to those sore muscles!


Don’t let sore muscles prevent you from achieving your health and fitness goals! Team Afterburn is here to ensure your success along your journey and make sure you are as prepared as possible for the road ahead! Check out our 6-week, no commitment trial package for just $75 at Also, like us on Facebook and see member success stories and tips and info for your workouts at

If you ever thought we placed too much emphasis on drinking water at Team Afterburn, take a moment with us as we shed a little light on the importance of staying hydrated in today’s Afterburn Blog!



Staying hydrated is such an incredibly vital part of your body’s functioning abilities! From your cells, to your skin tissue, to every organ in your body, water helps everything run smooth and correctly! It helps regulate our body temperature, get rid of bad stuff, and even “oil” up our joints to improve movement!


One thing needs to be clear: we need water every single day! How much? It depends! We’ve all heard that drinking 8 glasses of water a day is the goal. That’s not a bad goal, but staying hydrated doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone, especially Afterburners who are exerting so much energy during class! One thing is for sure: if you feel thirsty, drink water! We also often mistake thirst for hunger! So, if you are feeling hungry at a time that doesn’t really make sense, rather than getting food, get a drink of water!


There are lots of drinks out there that market themselves to keep you staying hydrated. Some even do a good job! However, water is always going to be your best option because most others are going to be filled with sugars and calories! Water can also be found in some drinks (such as coffee) and foods (such as fruits and vegetables). However, we cannot rely on our water intake as a secondary source from other items!


With our busy schedules, many of us fail to find the consistency of staying hydrated. Try a few of these tips if this is you:


  • Carry a bottle of water with you every day! Refill when needed!
  • Add some lemon to your water to get some flavor and keep it interesting!
  • When working out, drink water! Before, during and after!
  • Make a schedule for when to drink
  • Order water at restaurants (even if you order another beverage)



If you aren’t sure you are getting enough water, sit down with us and let’s chat about it! You can bring it up during your next reassessment or just simply pull one of us aside and we can discuss it! Staying hydrated should not be something you put off until another day! If you want results, your body needs to be at its best, which starts with proper hydration!


Check us our online at for our 6-week, no commitment trial package and also like us on Facebook at to see our countless member success stories! We cant wait to see you in the studio!

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Goal setting is important in every facet of life. Goal setting is essentially the fuel to your dreams! Every accomplishment had to start with a goal and coincidentally it ends with that very same goal as well. Recognizing the importance of goal setting is crucial to being able to successfully create and achieve what you want in life, particularly from a health and fitness standpoint!


goal setting



Let’s take a look at five reasons why goal setting is extremely important:


It Gives Us Direction

Just picture having to throw a dart with no target to aim at. If you chose somewhere random, why would you choose that place? Without knowing where to throw, you are aimlessly throwing without any direction, purpose, or idea of what will come of it. The same comes with your health and fitness goals! You need to have goals to know where to focus your energy. Without goals, we don’t have direction and we can’t properly focus and give our attention to what’s really important! Understanding the task ahead of us provides clarity and understanding!


Track Progress

By now, most of our members are familiar with the monthly reassessments. When we have goals, we can track how we are doing along the way and tangibly see how we are moving along the roadmap toward our goals! We can see what’s working, what’s not working, where need to improve, and where we know we are excelling! Tracking progress helps us to not veer off the path or stray away from the goal at hand and will make our likelihood of success much, much greater!


Keeps Us Focused

People often fail to stick with health and fitness goals because they get bored and distracted. When you are pointlessly doing something, it’s easy and natural to want to do something else. When you have a goal in mind, you keep pressing toward that goal with a mental image of what rewards are in store! When you have that mental image of success in your mind, you stay on track and remain undeterred throughout the process!


Avoiding Procrastination

Having that mental image of success and those monthly reassessments gives us a level of accountability! We know we can’t simply put something off for another day or else we won’t stay on track! When we have that level of accountability, we tend to not procrastinate nearly as much. This is a trait that will manifest in the gym, but will spill over into your everyday life at home and at work as well!


Goals Motivate Us!

With all of that said, the number one thing a goal does is simply provide us motivation! We need incentive to accomplish the things we want in life! No matter what the reason, without motivation we lack the passion, energy, or drive to reach a milestone. When we have a goal in mind and we keep that mental image crystal clear in our minds, we remain motivated throughout the process and until we reach that goal! Once again, this is something that can begin in the gym, but you will see it show up in all aspects of your life!


Setting goals is important and Team Afterburn is here to help you not only set goals, but achieve them! Whatever your reason may be, it’s a good one! Check out our introductory, 6-week no commitment trial package at and also like us on Facebook at