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With so many new members since the last time we highlighted our coaches, we thought it would be nice for you to get to know a little more about the trainers you see every day who are committed to helping you, the members, reach your goals! After all, in order to achieve your goals efficiently, you are going to want to be working with the best local trainer around and we have a team full of them at Team Afterburn!


best local trainer
Today we are going to get to know Coach Andrew (aka Coach Angel) a little better! Andrew moved to Arizona from Michigan in August, 2012 and started out as a member at Team Afterburn before becoming a trainer! One of Andrew’s strengths is that he knows how effective Team Afterburn is, having dropped from 20% body fat to 8.5% since he first joined the Team!
What makes Coach Angel one of the best local trainers in the area? Well, for starters, he knows what he’s doing! Andrew is a Certified Personal Trainer through the Athletics and Fitness Association of America and has also earned certification in Feeding the Athlete, Practical Modality Instruction, the Harmful Effects of Excessive Exercise, and several continued education credits through AFAA as well. Additionally, Andrew is CPR certified through the American Heart Association and has obtained his Weight Management Certification through the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers!
Andrew is committed to your success and knows what it takes to reach your goals through his own experiences and his training! In other words, you are in great hands with Coach Andrew, one of the best local trainers around!

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New May Workout Additions!

At Team Afterburn, we are constantly striving to keep the routines fun and fresh by adding new exercises each month! Some of them will be altogether new to our members, while a few will be twists on some of our old favorites! Adding new exercises allows us to add to our extensive library of workout options which means not only do we keep things unique and fresh, but we are able to maximize our workout potential instead of getting caught up in the same thing month in and month out! Let’s take a look at the newest addition for May:

  • Goblet/Double Kettlebell Reverse Lunge Step Up
    • This exercise combines some of our favorite exercises into one! Holding the kettlebell in a goblet hold, or two kettlebells down at your sides, you will perform a reverse lunge in front of a box, and then when bringing your leg back forward, you will step up onto the box and perform a step up. This exercise will effectively work both legs, regardless of which you are stepping back with!
  • Stability Ball Pass
    • This one will test your core strength and your coordination! You will be essentially performing v-ups and passing a stability back and forth from your legs to your hands! You will make the exchange at the peak position, when your core is working its hardest!
  • Stability Ball Mountain Climbers
    • If mountain climbers weren’t already fun enough, these will be a blast! You will perform wide leg mountain climbers while holding yourself up on a stability ball! This one will be a true test of cardio and core!
  • Kneeling Hip Flexor with Rotation & Quad Stretch
    • This month we also have an entirely new addition to the warmup exercise! In the past we have done kneeling hip flexors with rotation where we simply rotated as much as we could to maximize spinal rotation. This month we will work our quads at the same time by grabbing our back foot while we are rotated, pulling it upward, and stretching out the quad muscles at the same time!

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    Sticking to a new diet can be one of the hardest things we have to face when trying to reach our health and fitness goals! Not to worry, at Team Afterburn we are here to help you along the way, not only through meal planning assistance, but also through accountability and support. In today’s Afterburn Blog, we are going to provide some tips that will prove very important in making sure you can realistically stick with a new diet!


    meal planning


    • Like most things, doing something “cold turkey” is really tough. The same goes for sticking with a diet. Understanding what it takes to make such a big change is going to be the first step. In other words, be realistic and understanding of the task ahead so that you aren’t in for a shock when the time comes! Be prepared to motivate yourself and resist urges and cravings.
    • Don’t forget why you are doing it in the first place. Don’t lose sight of your motivation, because that motivation will be the key to sticking with it!
    • Be a creature of habit. Eat generally at the same time and in the same fashion. Sit down, don’t eat on the go. Eat slowly, enjoy it.
    • Be accountable! It might sound crazy to write down everything you eat, but in the end, it is a great way to keep track and not “forget” or hide bad foods! This doesn’t have to be something you do forever, but in the beginning,  it will be great for creating the routine.
    • Don’t overthink the foods. At Team Afterburn we will provide you with a meal plan if you want, which makes it that much easier! However, in a general sense, just eat healthy. Cut the snacks, cut the fried foods, and just focus on making sure your meals are healthy in nature.
    • Wrap your mind around reality. Weight loss truly is as simple as calories in vs calories out. Sure, the science behind it is more complex than that, but when it comes to the actual numbers on the scale, it is that basic. So, do you want to snack, or do you want to reduce the number on the scale? It’s a simple choice and you can’t negotiate it. Once you accept that its one or the other, the choice becomes much easier!
    • Don’t treat hunger like it’s a life or death situation. Maybe if you are stranded on an island, but not when you’re going through your normal daily routine. Prove that you can skip a snack. Drink water instead of eating (we often mistake thirst for hunger). Don’t just rush to the nearest food item and make a poor diet decision!
    • Know how to recognizer a craving vs hunger. We need to eat sometimes and we want to eat at other times. Eat when you need to, not just when you want to!
    • Don’t convince yourself that you “earned” a cheat meal. Throughout the normal course of our daily lives, we will get plenty of bad food anyway. It’s just bound to happen. So, let that happen on its own and don’t encourage it by justifying it! You will inevitably eat a piece of candy at work or go out for happy hour with friends or go to dinner with a date. It’s human nature. Let those one-off things be just one-off and don’t convince yourself you have earned bad food. The quicker you get in a habit, the easier the diet will be!


    Remember, you don’t have to go on this journey alone! Talk to us about custom meal planning and let us help keep you accountable along the way through monthly reassessments! If you haven’t had an assessment in the last month, talk to one of our coaches to schedule yours! If you aren’t already a member, check us out online at

    Being a part of the Team Afterburn community is so much more than just having access to group workout classes on a daily basis! Being part of the Team Afterburn community means access to a community of professionals and people like yourself who ultimately become your weight loss support team! Through encouragement, accountability, knowledge, and even a special online support group on Facebook, the community atmosphere is never in short supply when you are part of our community!


    weight loss support


    Countless studies have shown that the people you surround yourself with tend to influence your decision makings. We may hear this in negative connotations often, but it is true in positive ways as well! When we are surrounded by people who positively influence us, we have what is known as a weight loss support group! One of the primary things a weight loss support community does is hold you accountable, both in and out of the gym!


    When you feel comfortable with the environment around you, you tend to migrate toward the choices those people are making as well! So, when everyone else is encouraging one another to go to class at Team Afterburn, you will be motivated as well and in turn pass that motivation along to others! This is also true for eating habits! When others around you are talking about their healthy eating habits or new healthy foods they have discovered, you tend to want to join in on the fun! This is a huge aspect of the Team Afterburn Member Support page on Facebook! Members are always giving encouragement to one another and posting healthy food ideas, which is an extension of the weight loss support community!


    Don’t feel like you have to go the journey alone! Team Afterburn, which includes not only our coaches, but also your fellow members, is here to join you and encourage you along the way! Check out our 6-week Summer Transformation Program online at and also our Facebook page at

    We all know that familiar, dreaded feeling of muscle soreness after a good, hard workout! In fact, it’s a phenomenon that even has a name: delayed onset muscle soreness. At Team Afterburn we do our best to help our members not only reduce the severity of muscle soreness, but also understand how and why it happens. Two things tend to happen when we work out: 1.) we build up lactic acid due to the depletion of ATP when working hard, and 2.) we quite literally break down (tear) our muscle tissues and fibers when lifting those heavy weights!


    muscle soreness


    So when can we expect to feel this muscle soreness and how long will it last? Typically, you wont feel it right away, hence the term “delayed onset muscle soreness.” The soreness can start to be felt as soon as 8 hours after the workout, however we typically tend to feel it setting in the next morning. The worst of it is generally on the second day after the exercise. The soreness then tends to dissipate by the third day and will usually be gone entirely by the seventh day.


    So, are you expected to just have muscle soreness for a week at a time after every workout? Of course not! There are a number of factors that help to reduce the soreness and speed up the recovery time. One is paying close attention to the time you’re allowing those muscles to recover! Luckily for you, Team Afterburn has that handled for you! There is a science behind why we structure our workouts the way we do, from the time between various muscle groups but also the alternating cardio and resistance days. When we are sore from resistance days, the cardio days help to speed up the blood flow back to the sore muscles, which in turn speeds up recover!


    Another way in which you can help yourself tremendously is by stretching and foam rolling before and after class. Yes, before AND after! Stretching helps us not work cold muscles which can be overworked too quickly, while foam rolling helps spread out that lactic acid and prevent/break down scar tissue. Essentially, foam rolling is giving yourself a nice deep tissue massage! You can also stretch and even foam roll at home, which is highly encouraged!


    At Team Afterburn our goal is not to just put you through a tough workout, although we pride ourselves on that! We also want to make sure you are working out safely which leads to working out effectively! If you have too much muscle soreness or are injured, you won’t get the most our of your workouts! Check out our 6-week, no commitment trial package online at and also check us out on Facebook at