Game Plan for November

November  Workout Game Plan

For the month of November our muscle group pairings will be shoulders/Chest and Back/Legs. By switching up the muscle group pairings from month to month, we allow ourselves to avoid complacency and plateauing, hence why the first week of each month leaves us so sore! We also place an emphasis on conditioning ourselves to utilize the same amount of weight under longer periods of tension, which will result in quicker we will see our overall ability to increase weight from month to month! In November we will decrease from  time under tension ( one exercises per muscle group) and will be moving up down to one  exercise per muscle group.

New November Exercise/Warmup Additions!

Keeping with our monthly tradition, we will again be adding new exercises and new stretches! Each and every month we will bring something new to our classes, which allows us to add to our extensive library of workout options which means not only do we keep things unique and fresh, but we are able to maximize our workout potential instead of getting caught up in the same thing month in and month out! In the month of September we will be adding two new workout exercises and one new warmup exercise.

RB Chest Press & Hold

  • This exercise targets the Chest & Tricep muscles but by using rubber bands with one arm presses we engage more core to hold ourselves in position while one arm extends.

 Butt Kick with Arms 

  • This a perfect for getting the blood  flowing and help stretch those hamstrings.


Pyramid Stretch

  • We can help get a back, hamstrings and calves stretch with just one warm up stretch.

Working out alone can be boring and can make you lose your motivation. If you want to keep your momentum, try using a workout buddy. At Team Afterburn, we match our members up into two and four-person teams. Each member of your team will have similar goals and skill levels. It’s the best way for every member of the team to stay motivated and actually excited about their workouts.

Benefits of the Buddy System

One of the benefits of this system is that your workout buddy will help you to stay on track. Accountability is key, especially if you want to reach your goals in the time frame you’ve set for yourself. A workout buddy not only helps with accountability but provides encouragement when you need that extra push and they will also help you celebrate when you reach each new milestone. Whether you work with one, two or four, the buddy system is a powerful tool that can propel every member of your team forward.

Workouts for Your Schedule

Scheduling your workout is one of the biggest things to take the wind out of your sails and cause you to lose momentum. It is critical that you and your workout buddies agree on days and times that you can all make consistently and then stick to it! At Team Afterburn, we offer workout times from 4 am to 7 pm which gives you a very large window of times to choose from. When we evaluate your fitness level and help you to establish your fitness goals, we learn what a good workout buddy will be for you and match you up with individuals who are similar to you in multiple aspects! This way, you always have a workout buddy when you workout! This will give you that edge to get the most out of every workout and hold you more accountable to show up!

Team Afterburn always utilizes workout buddies to help each member get the most from their workout. While accountability is certainly a priority, it’s also important to stay motivated. Working with a buddy will provide you the support and encouragement you need that will keep your momentum going at a steady pace. Check us out for FREE and see just how far you can go or go to our Facebook page for more helpful tips

When is the best time to workout? There is no “best” time for everyone because every person is different when it comes to their workout schedule. No two people will have the same answer for the same reason. There are several things that will influence when your body will get the most of your exercise routine. Team Afterburn can help you fine-tune your workout so you get the most out of every exercise whether you do it first thing in the morning or late at night.

Know Your Body’s Rhythm

Some people function better in the morning, while others work much better in the evening. The perfect work out time is whenever you are most alert and ready to get into the gym and actually work out. If you try and work out when you’re struggling to stay awake, you’re more likely to not put in the effort you need to move forward.

Follow A Schedule That Allows for Consistency

If you work in the morning, odds are the best time to work out is right before you go to work or when you get off. Choose a schedule that you can stick to on a regular basis. This will coincide with your body’s natural rhythm as well as how your day is planned around your job and your family.

What Type of Exercise Do You Get the Most Out Of?

You will lose your motivation if you are constantly doing exercises that you hate. In addition to your whole body workout, take a day to go swimming or bicycling. If you don’t want to go to the gym, dance your house clean or do some heavy duty yard work. Do whatever will keep you moving and get your heart pumping.

At Team Afterburn, we know that the same schedule and routine won’t work for everyone. It is one of the reasons our workouts start at 4 am and go to 7 pm at night and change daily to alleviate boredom. That is also why it’s so important to help guide people towards their own unique workout program. They will get the results they want because it’s designed around them! If you would like to see what Team Afterburn is all about and gain some valuable insights to help you get to your goals, try us out for FREE.  You can also get helpful information on our Facebook page as well!

Getting through the holidays can be just as daunting as an obstacle course. At Team Afterburn, the ultimate goal is to make it through the holidays in the same shape (or better) as when they started. It’s not difficult if you follow a few simple healthy holiday tips to help keep you stay focused.

Minimize Your Stress

One of the most important things is to minimize your stress. Take time for yourself every day. Enjoy a relaxing bath or sit in the hot tub with a cool, ideally low calorie, beverage. Anything that will put your mind at ease. When you start to feel overwhelmed, take a break and re-center yourself.

Eat Smaller Servings

When you go to your family gatherings, eat smaller servings and try to limit the number of things you eat. Stick to your favorites. Overwhelming your stomach with a lot of different foods can lead to indigestion or heartburn. Smaller portions will keep your digestive system from becoming sluggish and help control the number of calories you consume.

Don’t Forget to Exercise

Don’t forget to exercise. Exercise is a great way to burn off stress and frustration. Even if you don’t have time for a full workout, you can still go for a walk or do some stretches at home. Either way, it’s important that you keep moving. With Team Afterburn, even one or two workouts a week will certainly help keep you on track.

Get Enough Rest

In order for you to be healthy, you have to get enough rest for your body to rejuvenate itself. With all of the stress of the holidays, getting enough sleep is more important than ever. When you feel yourself getting tired, remember that it’s okay to take a quick nap so you can hit the afternoon head-on.

Drink Plenty of Water

Always drink plenty of water. Water helps to apply pressure to the stretch receptors in your stomach thus aiding to the feeling of satiety. Staying hydrated is important throughout the entire year.

The holidays are a crazy time of year. That doesn’t mean you have to let the stress get to you. If you need a little extra motivation during the holidays, try Team Afterburn out for FREE!  You can also follow Team Afterburn on Facebook for the latest workout news and some great healthy holiday tips!

At Team Afterburn, the goal isn’t always to lose weight. For some, it’s to regain their strength or improve their performance. Using a total body workout system provides you with a variety of advantages. Rotating your workouts will not only keep things interesting, but it also allows your body to rest and gives ample time for recovery.

Maximize the Efficiency of Your Workout

Even with rotating muscle groups, your entire body is continually receiving benefits throughout the week. It maximizes the efficiency of your workout while at the same time reducing the time you spend in the gym.

Improved Muscle Recovery

When you rotate workout sessions for muscle groups, you give the muscles time to recover between sessions. By exercising two groups each session, the entire body gets a full workout and the risk of injury is reduced.

Decreased Neuromuscular Fatigue

Performing a total body workout in one session can lead to neuromuscular fatigue. When your muscles and the central nervous system gets tired, it weakens and increases your risk of injury.

More Variety

A total body workout program that spans several days, allows for more variety and an increase in motivation. You will always look forward to your next session and look for new ways to keep your total body workout interesting.

Easier to Schedule Your Workout Rotations

When you divide your workouts up over several days, you allow more time for each set of muscles. You can schedule your workouts so that everybody group receives an equal amount of time in the gym.

Using a total body workout gives your body the exercise and the rest it needs while keeping things interesting. At Team Afterburn, this is all methodically thought out for you so you don’t have to. All you have to do is show up and we’ll make sure you achieve your fitness goals! If you want to see what we are all about you can try us out for an entire week for FREE or you can visit our website to find out more about us.  You can also check out our Facebook page.