How to Track Macros – A complete Guide

How to Track Macros: A Complete Guide

If you want to know how to track macros, before you start, first establish how you want your nutrition to support your fitness plan. Your macronutrients ratio is based on your level of carb intake, which is directly related to your fitness goals. Think higher carbs for muscle building, moderate carbs for maintenance, and lower carbs for weight loss.

When you’re getting ready to track macros as part of a fitness and diet plan, you can easily work with your trainer to determine your macros ratio. There are also many online calculators that will determine your ratio after you answer some simple questions. However, the benefit of working with a trainer is that they can ask you for more contextual questions that a computer can’t. They also will be familiar with what’s realistic for you and your body, so you don’t set yourself up for an unrealistic nutrition plan.

Once your goals are established, you’ll start tracking macronutrients each time you eat. There are many strategies and tools available that will make your tracking a seamless part of your day.

Keep a food journal.

Begin day one of your macros tracking by keeping a food journal. Each time you eat, log some notes in a physical journal. This might look like:

Date & time:
What I ate:
Portion size:
How I felt:

Once you know how to track macros and you keep a food journal, you’ll gain insight into the context of your eating. You may notice certain triggers or habits that you hadn’t noticed before. Knowing this type of information will be helpful in removing triggers from your day that may lead to unhealthy eating.

A food journal can also be a huge motivator when you see how much food you have left to eat for the day. Knowing you haven’t hit your macros for the day, you’ll be able to start adding in calories throughout the day and better manage your eating habits.

Use a tracking app.

There are many apps available for download that will track your macros from the palm of your hand. Most of these apps track the numbers for you, so you don’t have to think back and remember at the end of the day. Everyone always has their phone with them already, so a tracking app is an easy way to incorporate macros tracking into your daily routine.

Don’t estimate the numbers.

When you have specific goals, the slightest deterrent from your nutrition can add up at the end of a month. This is why it’s important to be specific with the numbers. Try not to get in the habit of estimating and trying to remember everything you ate at the end of the day. Read nutrition labels for foods that have them, and use them to calculate exact portion sizes and calorie counts.

It’s also a good idea to use a food scale for portion measuring and caloric calculating. Simply place the plate or measuring cup on the scale first and zero out. Then add the food to the plate or cup to see the exact measurement and log it in your tracking app or food journal.

Create a custom nutrition plan with Team Afterburn!

Physical exercise is a big part of losing weight and building muscle, but it’s only part of the equation. At Team Afterburn, we can show you how to track macros and work with you to create a custom nutrition plan to support your fitness goals. We will look at your current diet, and make suggested changes to ensure you reach your goals faster and more effectively. We will also make supplement recommendations so you have an overall picture of what your nutrition should look like.

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Exercises to Lose Weight and Build Muscle

Sometimes it’s easy to get in a workout rut. You know, going to the gym every day and doing the same old treadmill workout. What if we told you that you could lose weight and build muscle way more efficiently with your time?

Most customers come in with a personal goal to lose weight and build muscle. For this type of fitness goal, long-winded cardio workouts aren’t necessarily what you should be focusing on. Instead, high-intensity cardio and maximum-intensity circuit training combined with proper nutrition will ensure you see results faster.

These 10 basic exercises are great to add to your fitness plan if you’re looking to lose weight and build muscle.

1. Interval Sprints
2. Chin-ups
3. Squat jumps
4. Deadlifts
5. Bench press
6. Power sprints in place
7. Weighted Lunges
8. Seated Rows
9. Burpees
10. Mountain climbers

When your goal is to build muscle, make your weight training efforts efficient and focused. Take short rest times in between reps and exercises. Exercises that involve maximum weight will stimulate your muscles to build more tissue, so adjust the weight as you get stronger and are able to lift more. When you’re working out, remember that the goal is to really challenge your body or you won’t see the change you’re looking for.

Create a custom fitness plan with Team Afterburn!

At Team Afterburn, you’ll sit down with one of our certified personal trainers to create a custom fitness plan the fits your goals. If you’re looking to burn fat and build muscle, we will talk about what it’s going to take to get you from point A to point B. We will figure out specifically what it’s going to take to ensure YOUR results. To ensure your success, we’ll meet with you regularly to check your progress.

Physical exercise is a big part when you want to lose weight and build muscle, but nutrition is just as important. In addition to your fitness plan, we will work with you to create a nutrition plan as well. We will look at your current diet, and make suggested changes to ensure you reach your goals faster and more effectively. We will also make supplement recommendations so you have an overall picture of what your nutrition should look like.

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Why Gym Culture is So Important

For many people, the thought of joining a new gym is terrifying which is why the gym culture is so important. The whole process of signing up, going to the locker room, and searching for an open machine is enough to give a new gym user a bout of anxiety. While working out is a conduit for boosting self-esteem and confidence, it’s ironic that the gym culture could have the opposite effect. When users pass into the judgment zone, that’s when gyms are in serious trouble.

Gym culture is the reason people keep coming back.

Nice, clean equipment is great. In fact, it’s necessary. Locker rooms? Awesome! But the motivation, inspiration, drive, and support are what really matter to a gym and its people. Culture is what keeps people coming back and showing up for their workouts. In turn, they see results, and they want to motivate and support others on their journey. The cycle continues. Culture. Is. Crucial.

Gym culture is also what makes each gym unique.

Some gyms are known for their casual style. Others hype up their specialty programs and top-notch facilities. Ours is about community. Yes, Team Afterburn is a gym, but it’s also a home. This is what makes us different from other gyms across the Valley. Some of our members have even fallen in love at our gym! We’re not saying that will happen, but it just goes to show how open and supportive our culture is to all members.

Without gym culture, the people wouldn’t have a purpose.

A gym culture attracts people who identify with the values within the culture. Casual culture attracts casual gym goers. Intense culture attracts intense gym people. In a community-driven gym culture, we attract people who not only want to make a difference in their own lives but also in the lives of others. The people find their purpose in the culture.

When you come to Team Afterburn, there’s no need to feel nervous. From day one, you’ll feel at home with our group classes and knowledgeable fitness instructors. We’re here to coach you and motivate you to reach your fitness goals.

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10 Ways to Measure Your Fitness Progress

Before you start a fitness program, it’s important to set a goal so you can track your fitness progress and determine if your efforts are successful. A fitness goal should be focused, realistic, and measurable, with an end date in mind.

Below we’ve outlined ten ways to measure your fitness progress. We don’t recommend setting out to achieve ten goals at once—or even five for that matter. Beginning your fitness journey with one, two, or three goals will ensure you are setting yourself up for success and fun along the way.

1. Take before and after photos

If your goal is to lose inches and build muscle, using before and after photos is an easy way to measure these physical attributes. Many of our clients use photos as motivation. We love before and after photos for their effectiveness!

2. Make note of body measurements

If you are on a weight loss journey, measurements can be taken before you begin so you can compare at the end of your program.

3. Track your energy level

We dare you to ask any of our clients if they’ve ever regretted a workout. There’s a reason why we’re busy in the mornings! Even though you might feel physically worn out after a great gym session, working out is a natural energy boost—and that feeling is addictive in the best way! Track your energy level throughout your fitness journey by keeping a log in a journal.

4. Stay consistent

Sticking to a workout plan takes dedication like you wouldn’t believe. In the beginning, there’s often a boost of adrenaline due to initial results. If you can remain consistent and push beyond any slumps you may encounter, then that’s a sign of success. To start getting consistent, set a goal to go to the gym a certain number of days a week.

5. Take notes on your mood and mental state

Many clients work out for internal benefits more than physical benefits. Because of this reason, tracking improvements in your mood and mental state is a great way to measure fitness success.

6. Build muscle and strength

Engaging in a fitness program to build muscle is ideal for those who want to get stronger. A goal like this isn’t about losing weight or inches, it’s about gaining muscle and strength. You might measure this goal by the amount of weight you’re able to lift at the end of your goal timeframe.

7. Defy negative body thoughts

Setting the intention to fill your mind with positivity is an important goal. Make it a goal with your fitness coach to focus on progress and positivity. Measure your progress by not saying or thinking negative thoughts about your body for a set amount of time.

8. Be part of a community

Feeling a sense of community through fitness is a positive way to measure your progress. One of the unique things about working out at Team Afterburn is the sense of community. There are no comparisons or judgments. We are protective of our people because we know our community is unlike any other gym!

9. Finish a program

Even if you don’t see the physical or internal results you thought you would, finishing a fitness program is a realistic goal to set. Measure your success by completing a certain number of hours and days spent at the gym or with your fitness instructor. When you complete the time, you achieve your goal!

10. Trying something new

Getting out of your comfort zone is a great goal to set in terms of fitness. Challenge yourself to try a different type of workout. If you’re a weight lifter, try yoga. If you’re a runner, try circuit training. Or take a group class that you wouldn’t normally try. Fitness success is all about pushing boundaries!

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